Statement of Need

Now they are saying that 22 vets commit suicide a day due to PTSD, yet that data is gathered from only 21 states; the actual number is much higher.  In addition, service dogs trained to help with veterans with PTSD are highly effective, but are not currently provided, yet still under research, by the VA. 

Dogs trained specifically as a PTSD service dog are in great demand.  Currently the VA only provides financially for service dogs for deaf, blind and dismembered veterans; they currently do not fund dogs for PTSD.  Because of that, most ADI service dog providers do not focus on dogs for PTSD specifically.  Only  a few service dog providers in CA even mention PTSD in service dog offerings.  We also find that when a service dog for PTSD becomes available, that there may be close to 100 veteran applicants, waiting for months on end in a never-ending applicant pool.  

Given current trends, each year approximately 40,000 military Veterans throughout Orange and San Diego Counties seek treatment from Veteran’s Administration (VA) for the treatment of PTSD.    Often they wait for months, usually only to be treated with opiates, causing addictions, and contributing to the suicide rate.  Complementary Alternative Medicine has proven to be quite effective, and PTSD Service Dogs specifically.  

Heal Our Troops America’s “So God Made a Rescue Dog” Program is requesting donations for the training and provision of PTSD Service Dogs, as time is of the essence for many of our Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress.